Sunday, March 16, 2014

Roller Coaster Ride: High and Low Moments

Hello!  I'm still here...sorry it's been so long.  Let me update you since the last post.

I had a couple of great weeks.  On Sunday, January 19th, I woke up feeling the best I had felt since before being diagnosed.  I woke up feeling like I didn't have cancer anymore.  My energy level was great!  I went to church.  I wasn't tired.  I had a really good day and got a lot done the next couple days.

On January 22nd, I had my last session of my first round of chemo and it took me for a loop.  I was pretty much down the next three weeks.  My energy was non-existent.  I never knew someone could feel so weak and helpless but, fortunately, the day before I started my second round of chemo (February 12th), I started feeling a little better.  My second round of chemo is 12 weekly treatments, and I will finish this round on April 30th.  These treatments are not as harsh.  I'm tired and need a nap the first day, and I usually feel better the next.  I've been going to Zumba Gold® twice a week and getting my exercise in because, after the first week, I was having some shooting pains under my arms and shoulders.  Since this treatment effects the nerves, my nurse recommended I attend my Zumba Gold® classes and it has helped.  It's so great to get back and see my Zumba students.  I love it.  My daughter-in-law, Becky, has been teaching my classes for me.  I've been able to go and visit the other Zumba® classes as well and it has been nice to get out and see people again.

After I'm finished with this round of chemo, I get to take a 3-4 week break.  During this break, my son, Josh, is getting married in Hawaii so I get to take a little trip to paradise to enjoy the sunshine and warmth.  I'm really looking forward to it.  When I return, I will have surgery (a lumpectomy) at the end of May and take another 3-4 weeks off before starting my six weeks of radiation.  I will be having my surgery and receiving radiation in Seattle, so I will be staying with my daughter for a few months.  So get ready to hear from me more often.  Jamie and I will be able to work on the blog while I'm in Seattle.

My daughter heard a message this weekend at a training with Pepper Von.  "Adversity is God's University."  If we face adversity with the proper perspective, we will learn and grow.  Each of us are given our own adversities which give us the opportunity to become stronger, wiser, and more refined. So hang on and enjoy the ride!!


  1. So good to hear how you are doing! You are in my prayers every day! Love to you!

  2. Awwww this made me smile so hard!!! Much love Momz and Marshy! Keep inspiring the masses!